Implications and reasons for the second coming, including the need to evangelise.

 Talk slides

Ben's first of a two part Finale.


Ben's Slides.

Prophesies about Jesus fulfilled.




Paul Belcher continues the series of talks on 'God's Big Picture'. This talk is entitled  'The Prophesied Kingdom'


The slides

Outline of the cycle of sin and grace in Judges and the steps towards the partial kingdom of Judah.

The consequences of having no king.

 The Partial Kingdom




First of a series getting the big picture of the bible

Where it all began - Genesis

Slides - God's Big Picture - Part 1

Martin Allen, our Apostle, and Ben Lees, our Lead Pastor, summarise the teachings from our recent

church weekend away- 'Moving into a New Era'

 New Era slides



The fifth talk, looking at the advance into the new era.

Slides (5)


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