David Skoppek inspires us to live the life that God intended us to.



How easy is evangelism? What do we have to do?

Ben expands...



Kath Johnson from Home for Good talking on Adoption Sunday.




Considering our role in the changes for SCF's new era.


Andrea brings Ruth's trust in God to our attention as an example for us.


The slides.

Knowing our part in SCF. Being open to God and what he would say to us in relation to the church.

Our faith being an encouragement rather than a burden.




David Wort- one of our elders- outlines the areas that we should watch and pray for in our own lives, our church, our neighburhood, our nation and our world

talk slides

Implications and reasons for the second coming, including the need to evangelise.

 Talk slides

Ben's first of a two part Finale.


Ben's Slides.

Prophesies about Jesus fulfilled.





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